Tonight’s Prime Meat vs. Kings

Pace of Play-  With two basketball teams playing at such polar opposite paces, whichever team can dictate that aspect of the game will definitely have a massive advantage. The advantage for this season lies with Sacramento due to their ability to impose their lightning fast pace of play on us back in October. We had... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Two Step 11/14 @ Milwaukee

Jaren Jackson Jr.- Facing the Greek Freak tonight will be Jaren's most difficult task thus far in the season. While Giannis originally became revered for his freakish athletic dunks and blocks, a massive improvement in his jump shot over the past two seasons has made him one of the most well-rounded players in the NBA.... Continue Reading →

Can Grit-N-Grind make a real return?

When the Grizzlies front office sent Tony Allen and Zach Randolph packing last season, our city lost more than just two outstanding basketball players; We lost our Grit-N-Grind. Players who came to this franchise and made the type of unprecedented changes that will bring a tear to some of us true fans, it was hard... Continue Reading →

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