Who’s on a Role? Titans Week 11


TE Jonnu Smith- Jonnu seems to be one of many amongst the receiving core who heard the complaints from fans when JRob didn’t make a trade before the deadline. The 2nd year tight end initiated his coming out party on MNF in Dallas and extended it Sunday afternoon against the Patriots (33 yards, 1 TD @ Dallas and 45 yards, 1 TD vs. NE). In both games, Smith managed to maneuver  his way open to convert a crucial 3rd and long- a pleasant surprise after his several drops earlier in the season. This production brings hope back to the dreams we’d wished for Jonnu since Delanie went down Week 1. Although Smith may never reach the insane volume Walker consistently produced, he has already shown the ability to be a similar red zone target (the lack of this target led to Mariota’s first red zone INT Week 8 vs. LAC). Smith’s ability completely changes the dynamic of the Titan’s offense, and he deserves the credit for helping catapult this offense into its recent form.



S Kenny Vaccaro- If one needs any evidence of the energy Vaccaro brings to this team, look no further than the first snap of Sunday’s game vs. New England. Since returning from his dislocated elbow, Kenny has emulated the intangibles which have assisted in Tennessee’s elite defensive play of late. His stats may never jump off the page, but his play proves one of the main factors in the Titan’s stiff holdings of Dallas and New England, whom both have explosive offenses. Highlighting his play has been the chemistry developed with FS Kevin Byard. This chemistry will always remain an essential part of any secondary’s success. Vaccaro’s ability to aggressively pursue the trenches and short game, and also communicate this, allows Byard to be the deep ballhawk which made him an All-Pro.

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