Will Titans avoid trap in Buffalo?

Excitement culminated over the past two weeks has the potential to distract from the mission at hand: Taking care of a mediocre team. The mediocre teams always seem to be the ones who give us the most trouble. A common trait amongst former Titans’ regimes has been a tendency to play down to competition, a trait stemming from lack of discipline. A lack of discipline can lead to focus being taken away from the process. The process of any sports requires lesser competition at times, however elite teams are able to retain a focus throughout the chaos of a complete season due to discipline instilled in the players. How well of a job has Mike Vrabel done in instilling discipline in this roster? Tennessee’s roster may be deep and I trust Vrabel’s coaching skills, but this game still scares me a little.

Buffalo sits as one of the worst teams in the NFL. Looking at their team, nothing sticks out as noteworthy. I do think Josh Allen possesses the skills to be a solid pro, however his chances of a solid premium on life insurance rises exponentially by the week with his offensive line. Buffalo’s O-line surrenders more sacks than anyone else in the league, a key factor the Titans need to take advantage of. Harold Landry showcased last week his ability to alter games with his dip and bend move off the edge- if he can succeed against Philly, why can’t he have 3 sacks today? An advantage the Bills could achieve will be the matchup of Tre’Davious White versus Corey Davis. Davis showed out last week- will he be able to sustain the reliance of being a No.1 guy? White hopes to squash any belief.

I believe Tennessee’s offense will come out blazing again, but I think it comes by way of a different receiver than Davis. Chatter from running back Derrick Henry during the week would suggest he desires to be that other way. Whatever way it comes, I am truly curious to see if Henry will ever find a fitting position in this scheme. Too many times have I heard by now the utterance of Henry claiming the need to improve his game. Will we ever see a sustained effort from our lead back? Our exec’s put loads of faith into this man turning into a No. 1 guy, but the impression of Dion Lewis as the lead back grows by the week. Lewis’ unique style of extending plays and drives comes at an intangible price, making it his number more likely to be called on in crunch time than Henry. Irony comes in knowing Henry plays his best in such situations. Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur thrives in situational ball, hence my trust in his play-calling, I just hope to see Henry get back to gashing holes in defenses sooner than later.

On Tennessee’s defensive side, Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown look to capitalize on their extended roles today with Wesley Woodyard out. In four games this year, Brown has improved more than I’ve ever noticed in his tenure with Nashville. Coming into the league, Jayon was renowned for his coverage skills, yet lacked the force to pressure the quarterback. His recently-acquired variety of capabilities comes as a direct effect of new head coach Mike Vrabel. Vrabel has yet to turn Jayon into Avery Williamson by way of  run defense, but damn Brown surely does look proficient at everything else Williamson could not do for us. An interception today from Jayon Brown will be my bold prediction.

If all the dreams we’ve had over Vrabel this past week are true, then he should be able to retain focus amongst this locker room. Little room for error exists in a division with oozing talent. Yes, we sit in the driver seat for now, but that’s not to say the Texans or Colts won’t make a latter half splash. This Titans team will get the victory today, but definitely lower expectations because this might be an ugly one compared to last week’s heroics.

Please God, do not let Josh Allen tear us up.


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