Vrabel’s maneuvers make the difference in 20-17 win over Texans.

For a game that national media will probably never talk about, this outlast of the Houston Texans might end up defining the season for Tennessee.

Outsiders may not grasp the implications of this victory, but rest assured every player in the Titans’ locker room understands exactly what they just accomplished. Coming into the game, even I was expressing my own doubts in our ability to pull this win out. I’m walking through the stadium parking lot, telling my friend, “I just hope we don’t get blown out.” Still in the entrance line, the touchdown cannons had begun to erupt above our heads. Appalled might not serve justice when describing the realization the touchdown came from a Titans fake punt pass that went for 66 yards. Quickly came the video and one thought consumed: What a brilliant play?! Before even taking my seat in the stadium, my question of Vrabel’s ability to game plan as a head coach had been answered. By the looks of it, Mike Vrabel will be coaching in the NFL for a damn long time.

Excluding some overly conservative play at times in the second half, the plan by this coaching staff trifled that of the Texans. Bill O’Brien was put flat on his ass several times yesterday, and eventually it became clear who the better managed squad on the field was. How else does one explain a Texans team with full star power not being able to dominate a Titans roster depleted of half its salary on the offensive side of the ball? While Houston did take a lead at one point in the second half, better clock management prevailed as Vrabel took 6:51 down to only one minute left in the 4th quarter, securing the go ahead field goal in the process. Mike Vrabel showed Sunday he has all the necessary tools to run a winning program.

Besides the coach, here are a few players who stood out in yesterday’s game:

Deshaun Watson-  Less than stellar?? I must say, it does feel good to hear some crickets finally from those who continuously shouted their MVP beliefs in the young quarterback. Watson has looked nothing of his former self  in the first two games back from ACL surgery. Nonetheless, the looks of his problems seem to be more mental than physical at this point. Not taking the proper reads to inability to convert on crucial 3rd downs all played into Deshaun not being able to secure what seemed an easy division victory. Might take a few more games to shake off the mental rust.

Harold Landry-  Landry looked an absolute beast throughout the entirety of his playing time Sunday. On his first snap he displayed his classic dip and bend, causing massive disruptions and stretching for the near sack. A sack eventually came in his way in a game where Landry honestly looked to be one of the better best pass rushers on the field at times, which proved a hard task considering the two rosters. I dreamt of Landry since the day he was put on a draft board, and the feeling of seeing him in a Titans jersey come to fruition brings an abundance of joy. This kid has the potential to be a real game changer. He’ll be our primary edge rusher by end of season, guaranteed.

Adoree Jackson- Well, he definitely made up for a poor performance last week. Jackson made a highlight snag of an interception in the back of the endzone over Hopkins, displaying his strength as a cornerback of chase down speed. Over the almost two years now, Jackson has shown he excels when he can unleash his track speed. While he has always shown the grit and power to hold his own close to scrimmage, his prime asset proves his speed. Allowing him to utilize this by ball-hawking the deep threats will be an interesting thing to watch going forward.


Next week @ Jacksonville. Tits by 1,000.

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel celebrates with wide receiver Taywan Taylor (13) after Taylor scored a touchdown against the Houston Texans in the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

Photo Credit TitansOnline.com 

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