Can Vrabel handle the early ropes and rally team as Texans visit?

What a way to start a head coaching career, right?

After everything that happened in the, how should I put it, eventful opening game, Mike Vrabel now has to create a game plan for a truly stout divisional rival in the Houston Texans without his top-3 highest paid players possibly. Now, Mariota expects to make the start Sunday, but some of the things Nashville media members have been saying impresses some uncertainty. Lewan and Walker definitely will not play, making it hard to believe HC Vrabel sustains a sturdy enough plan for a full contest against this Texans team. I’m sure he nearly puked earlier in the week looking back on last year’s tape of Deshaun Watson absolutely destroying our defense. Still, do not forget that Mike Vrabel was a coach in Houston for the past three years (in that game tape as a matter of fact); if any coach has a cheat sheet to a Texan’s game plan, it’s him. Before diving into the anatomy of the game plan, let’s first take a look at the task at hand in the Texans.

While granted I did not watch the entire game, but the glimpses I did catch of Deshaun Watson last week in Foxboro looked ugly, to say the least. Of course their defensive unit excels in all facets, presumably the reason why they kept a close contest with the Patriots. Texans newcomer Tyrann Matheui looked the part in his debut with the team. Add in J.J. Watt and you already have enough star power to fluster any opposing coach. This defense will push to get after whatever quarterback lines up; more often than not they succeed, too. We all know that. What nobody truly knows comes in the production of young stud Deshaun Watson. Watson certainly flashed MVP level play before his ACL tear last season, but he showed more of rust in his first game back (rust very much understandable considering its week 1 @ New England). Watson expects to extends plays and make highlight reels like he always does, which makes the news of Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry’ debut for Tennessee coming a whole lot sweeter. Vrabel will need to do a good job of integrating them into the lineup if we want a chance at containing Houston’s young stud.

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