Can Titans come in style to South Beach?

What may be arguably the flashiest and high-style city in the country seems like the perfect place for the Titans to unleash their new brand, right? In comes a new wave of coaching in Tennessee that’s suppose to lift the old, stubborn ways of the prior staff and break out this more open-minded, versatile play style that will hopefully transcend the potential of Mariota into actual top-10 worthy production. I mean, say whatever you want, but there was absolutely fucking nothing “exotic” about the offense called by Terry Robiskie last season. This season starts in Miami against the Dolphins, and three days looking out I can say on behalf of all Titans fans the biggest question looming remains what the hell is this offense, and more importantly Mariota going to look like? While he has accrued some pretty dazzling plays thus far in his career, it’s clear Marcus has hit a stalling in his progression (I’m sure Dolphins fans can relate). Many are calling this the make or break season for Marcus, and I believe this first game will be telling of what’s to come this season for the young maestro.

First, let me say that Miami will come in with better play than most are expecting, and I honestly would not be surprised if we leave with a loss Sunday. I know Tannehill just came off another serious injury and he lost his best receiver, but you still have to give the slight favor to the offense who has had the same system in place for a few years now. On the defensive side, the Dolphins also lose star defensive lineman Suh, but they attack their main problem by adding legit skill in the secondary with draft pick Minkah Fitzpatrick. Along with other notable draft pick TE Mike Gesicki, Dolphin’s management seems to have done an adequate job of maintaining the roster. A similar roster that has fought for a playoff spot the past few seasons, I expect a fight out of them come kickoff.

Back to the whether or not if Mariota will eventually be the G.O.A.T.

(He could pull more hot chicks than Brady if he tried, just saying).

If Mariota throws a pick in this game, it’s over. His career will cease to exist and I will gear up on the idea of drafting another quarterback next offseason. No, but seriously, the only way an interception comes justifiable is if it comes with 325 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a win. I doubt Mariota has ever achieved those three things simultaneously, but still you get the point.

As far as my overall thinking of the outcome of our play, I’m about as clueless as anybody.  In my defense though, even Vrabel has come out in the light of Luke Falk’s signing with Miami and stated that very little of our playbook has been exposed to this point. We all know the styles of our new coaches, but nobody actually knows how all this will mesh out on the field come game time. What I can say I expect game time is a heavy dose of Corey Davis, and a different dynamic behind the way we use him in our system. While we failed to properly manage him in his rookie season, he still somehow put up a handful of ridiculous sideline grabs; it’s the only damn way they threw the ball to him at all.

Cian Fahey has some solid in-depth analysis of this on Twitter; he’s a good follow.

We will get the ball in Davis’ hands a lot quicker, enabling him to showcase his often overshadowed ability in open field. I understand he had significant time off due to injury, but I’m not sure if Davis had more than a handful of balls thrown to him over the middle last year. If Davis and Mariota can grasp the chemistry that has failed to transpire into much as of yet, this offense will come out hot and score quickly. It will make this new coaching staff look good even if they are not actually doing a good job. They’re our two highest draft picks in a long time, and they come out styling in South Beach. Everyone else sluggishly follows suit.

Titans 24, Dolphins 16.


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Photo Credit NFL Spin Zone 


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