Taywan Taylor grabs “spotlight” in 2nd preseason game


A quick divot by Mariota and toss out to a tight two receiver set on the right; Coming was a screen pass. A type of pass that has come to scare me, honestly, when watching the Titans play football. The football safely reached second year wideout Taywan Taylor and he was off to the races. Nobody would come close to stopping Taylor as he glided down the field for a 47-yard touchdown. This touchdown caught the eyes of many amidst the stellar preseason action, including the eyes of basketball megastar Lebron James. James apparently thought the play was worth noting, as he commented on Sportcenter’s video of the play with his now iconic phrase, “Sheesh.” Here’s the proof:


Photo Credit official @Titans Twitter

Ironic, right? Not even a week after I post about how irrelevant the preseason is, Lebron has to come comment on the play of a relatively unknown Titans role player. In all honesty, I’ll be the first to admit Lebron must have been pretty damn bored this weekend, because the play itself wasn’t anything special to me. Nevertheless, given the context of the player I’d say this comes as a big confidence booster for Taylor as we approach the regular season. A season in which Taylor has the potential to grab some serious minutes as no clear #1 slot receiver has emerged, his play last night has sparked temporary optimism in this fanbase.

In my opinion, the couple of other catches that Taylor made last night were just as impressive as the first touchdown haul. He reeled in two passes on deep slant routes that I haven’t seen the likes a slot receiver make for this team in a long time (remember Nate Washington?). It’s something I would correlate more so to our new offensive coordinator and his ability to actually utilize our player’s skills, but Taylor’s play still brings me hope nonetheless. Hope being something I already stated I hate to get high in the preseason, but this certainly fits the criteria of real analysis that I laid out in my last post. Taywan Taylor, a specific player, has the chance to thrive in Matt LaFleur’s specific offensive system, and last night’s play showed the epitome of Taylor thriving in the NFL. Taywan’s skill of speed, a skill that “kills” according to Lebron, is something I hope this team can highlight in the upcoming season.

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