Who are the new Tennessee Titans?

Looking from the outside in, one might question the offseason moves of Jon Robinson and the Tennessee Titans. For a general manager and team who had the looks of regaining a reputable status in the league, clearing house on the coaching staff came as a massive surprise to those not invested in this team. To... Continue Reading →

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Tonight’s Prime Meat vs. Kings

Pace of Play-  With two basketball teams playing at such polar opposite paces, whichever team can dictate that aspect of the game will definitely have a massive advantage. The advantage for this season lies with Sacramento due to their ability to impose their lightning fast pace of play on us back in October. We had... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Two Step 11/14 @ Milwaukee

Jaren Jackson Jr.- Facing the Greek Freak tonight will be Jaren's most difficult task thus far in the season. While Giannis originally became revered for his freakish athletic dunks and blocks, a massive improvement in his jump shot over the past two seasons has made him one of the most well-rounded players in the NBA.... Continue Reading →

Who’s on a Role? Titans Week 11

Offense- TE Jonnu Smith- Jonnu seems to be one of many amongst the receiving core who heard the complaints from fans when JRob didn't make a trade before the deadline. The 2nd year tight end initiated his coming out party on MNF in Dallas and extended it Sunday afternoon against the Patriots (33 yards, 1... Continue Reading →

Will Titans avoid trap in Buffalo?

Excitement culminated over the past two weeks has the potential to distract from the mission at hand: Taking care of a mediocre team. The mediocre teams always seem to be the ones who give us the most trouble. A common trait amongst former Titans' regimes has been a tendency to play down to competition, a... Continue Reading →

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